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Legal and Terms of Service

1. Use of this web site and the sale of products is governed by the laws of Queensland and Australia.

2. By using this website or purchasing products from VetShopOnline you submit to the laws of Queensland and Australia and agree that any dispute will be determined in accordance with and by the courts of Queensland and Australia.

3. Your use of this website and the purchase of products is governed by these terms of service and Our Guarantee.

4. Except as set out in these terms of service and Our Guarantee, we accept no liability for the contents of this website or any of the products sold. Our liability for any product which is defective or causes loss or damage of any kind is limited to the cost of the product or the provision of a replacement.

5. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of this website and the purchase of any products from us complies with the law where you are. We make no representation or warranty in this regard.

6. All local taxes, customs duties and other government fees and charges imposed on any products you purchase or on your purchase are your responsibility.

7. By using this website and purchasing products from us, you agree that you are not doing so for the purposes of taking any legal action against us.

8. Prescription products are not dispensed by VetShopOnline. Any prescription products are dispensed by an Independent Pharmacy. All questions regarding prescription products will be referred to the Independent Pharmacy.

9. Prescription products cannot be returned or replaced.

10. Products sold by VetShopOnline may be sourced from outside the USA. This means that the packaging may be slightly different to that available in stores in the USA. For example, weights and measurements may be in metric. If you need to convert from kilograms and millilitres to pounds and ounces, use our handy conversion calculator. All instructions for use and safety notices are written in English. You agree to accept the products "as is" and will not object to this.

11. Prices are subject to change without notice.

12. VetShopOnline is a trading name of Pet Supplies (USA) Inc - A global organisation dedicated to promoting affordable animal health care. Pet Supplies (USA) Inc is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

Please contact us if you do not understand these terms of service or want us to clarify something by sending us an email.