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Repti-Klean Sanitizing Cleaner for Reptiles

Repti-Klean 500ml
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Repti-Klean Description
Repti-Klean is an easy to use spray for sanitizing and deodorizing Vivariums, Terrariums, and other reptile enclosures and equipment. Repti-Klean is specially formulated with biodegradable detergents for easy cleaning and a hospital grade anti-bacterial agent to sanitize, disinfect and deodorise enclosures and equipment.

Direction of Use
Do not spray directly onto Animals. Remove Animals and all food and water from enclosure prior to cleaning. Remove as much surface dirt and droppings as possible before application. Spray Repti-Klean liberally onto all surfaces and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse treated surfaces, particularly feed and water containers, in clean water and allow to dry before returning animals to enclosure.

Avoid contact with skin, wash well with water after contact. Do not mix with detergents and other chemicals.



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