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Glucosamine with Chondrotin for Cats and Dogs


                                                          Understanding Natural Joint Healers

Chondroprotectives are nutritional supplements that help relieve joint pain and even alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.  These nutrients, which include glucosamine and chondrotin, actually help your pet’s body become healthier rather than simply masking the symptoms. In addition, these supplements have very few side effects – particularly when compared to prescription drugs.  In addition, they can be taken in order to prevent injury and joint problems from developing in the first place.

  • Reasons to Give Your Pet Chondroprotectives

Chondroprotectives are helpful in relieving symptoms associated with arthritis, as well as a variety of other joint related problems.  These problems include knee ligament injuries, canine hip dysplasia, dislocated knee caps, and elbow dysplasia.  They are excellent natural supplements capable of helping pets overcome inflammation throughout the body, particularly areas that are bathed in mucus or fluid. 

Chodroprotectives are also excellent in helping to cure a variety of other illnesses.  For example, a pet with an irritated bladder lining or an inflamed eye can receive relief by using products with chondrotin and glucosamine. 

  • Choosing the Right Supplement

To help your pet’s joints heal and to reduce inflammation, products containing chondroitin, glucosamine, perna, and SAMe are ideal.  Some products containing these supplements can be purchased over the counter, while others require a prescription.  For a pet that is in pain, products with MSM are also beneficial

Chondroitin helps your pet heal in three different ways.  First, it inhibits the white blood cell enzymes, thereby preventing them from damaging cartilage.  In addition, the stimulate cartilage synthesis and facilitate the absorption of nutrients into the cartilage. 

Glucosamine helps the cartilage by stimulating it to produce collagen, which behaves as a reinforcing fiber in the cartilage.  It also stimulates the cartilage to produce a special substance called glycosaminoglycans, which help hold moisture around the cartilage cells.  In addition, glucosamine can actually help produce synovial fluid and hyaluronic acid.  Chondroitin and glucosamine work well together, with the benefits of each improved when used together. VetShopOnline recommends Sasha'a Blend

Perna also helps increase synovial fluid and helps to relieve pain and stiffness.  SAMe is helpful in decreasing pain and inflammation.  It also helps destroy free radicals that cause damage to the cartilage.

  • Noticing Results

Chondroprotectives are a natural method for healing joints.  They work toward healing the body by changing one cell in the body at a time.  Therefore, it usually takes several weeks before a pet owner notices their benefits.  In addition, the benefits of these supplements last for a period of time even after they are no longer used.  This carry-over effect helps boost the improvement over time.  And, since the supplements are natural, they are usually safe to use for a long period of time.