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Robyne Page


Robyne Page is our most senior staff member managing the dispatch and customer relations department. She has been  with VetShopOnline since 2002.

She is the heartbeat of VetShopOnline's operational side, communicating with customers and ensuring they are provided   top class customer service. The results are evident. VetShopOnline gets on average around 5 emails a day, written in to compliment our great service experience, particularly by Robyne  and the customer service team.

"I get a real high when we receive good emails about  our service. I take it to heart when I read good and bad emails, simply because we are not just a website. It is the people behind the scene...  I love my staff and I know how committed  we all really are"

Robyne is no stranger to animals and currently has one golden retriever, two horses in the paddock and three cats. Try to top that!


"I love my horses. I bred them myself. They are beautiful palominos. Tara the mother is 15 and her daughter, Topaz is 3"

"Oh! I love my cats too! One ginger moggie called Meg, one russian blue called Hollie and my daughter's cat Tiger, a big male grey tabbie, is currently living with me while she is travelling overseas."

And the dog?              

"Well, a friend of a friend was relocating and unable to take Ellie with her.  So instead of going to a shelter, I agreed to take care of her. I had my reservations at first, but we two hit it off really well"

Ellie comes to work with Robyne everyday and roams freely in the office... and sometimes out of the office to chase the rabbits and courier guys.