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Steven Perissinotto


Steven Perissinotto, is the co-founder of Along with his elder brother Dr Mark Perissinotto, both are well know amongst the ebusiness in Australia as the Perissinotto brothers. Steven takes an executive role in and manages our human resources. He graduated from University of Queensland with a Law degree in 1991 and chalked up 15 years of practising in a law firm before joining the business.

VetShopOnline has a legacy of not of only being pet-friendly - but of being staff friendly as well.

"As a director in charge of Human Resources., I know that our customers are important but our staff are important too. it's particularly important to have happy staff, as happy staff are keen to keep our customers happy too. We offer very flexible hours and parental leave for staff. And I would like to point out that we actually offer to our staff leave to look after their sick animals."

You mean if Elle is sick, Robyne can get a day off?

"Yes, that's right. That is quite unsual and not alot of people do that. But we do"

"We know that we demand commitment from our staff, and we also know we reciprocate with our own commitment to flexibitily in ensuring that it is a fun and happy place to work"

"We also place a strong focus on staff training as well and I am trying to focus on what is important to our customers and our staff - like the enviroment"

"We are implementing procedures to ensure that the enviromental impact of our business is as low as possible, minimising our carbon footprint over the next 5 years. We are even looking at whether we can take steps to ensure the business is carbon neutral"

In the crowded online pet medication business, VetShopOnline knows that being different isn't just about being the cheapest - but about giving the best  value.

"What really upsets or distresses me in this business is getting unhappy customers. I mean we do drive our staff really hard to make sure that the customers are getting what they need and this  is something we won't stop doing"

Ah! Steven has a dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel -  "Her name is Poppy" and about 30 Guppies  "Our kids love them- they (the guppies) just keep breeding and we just keep giving them to our friends! "