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Heartgard for Dogs - Heartworm Medicine

We're sorry, All Heartgard Tabs are out of stock at the moment :((

There are several alternatives to Heartgard Tabs for dogs. Our Vet recommends

  • Heartgard Plus for dogs - Heartguard Plus is chewable and palatable that treats not only heartworm but intestinal worms also. Dogs absolutely loves it. Click on the name to find out more.
  • Generic Heartgard Tab ( Nuheart ) for dogs - contains the same active ingredient, Ivermectin, to treat heartworm in dogs. It is a cheap monthly effective treatment and alternative to Heartgard Tablets.
  • Proheart tabs for Dogs - Proheart contains the active ingredient, Moxidectin, to treat and control heartworm. It is a monthly treatment.
  • Dimmitrol for dogs - Dimmitrol comes with active ingredient, Diethycarbamazine or DEC, that is used for daily treatment of heartworms in dogs. Dimmitrol is also effective against lungworm in dogs.DEC was commonly known in the US as Filaribits or Nemacide.